Reinventing senior care staffing

A simple to use technology that puts the power back into the hands of Senior Care Facilities

Tired of being at the mercy of staffing agencies?


The average annual growth of contract staffing use for senior care facilities.


Agencies inflate hourly rates by as much as 244%!


The average yearly spend on contract staffing for a 100-bed facility.

Superb is fixing this

Bring transparency to pricing between facilities and contract workers

Charge what you want, and what is fair.

Remove the hassle of contract work scheduling

Eliminate the middle man and easily manage exactly what you need.

Communicate all the details in between

Program your account to get all necessary information to your contract workers quickly and efficiently.

Take back control

We are building this technology alongside our earliest partners

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Our teams will connect to develop an easy launch plan that is right for your facility.

Early partners will save upwards of 220% on traditional pricing and will receive ample time to make this service work best for you.

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